Compact compressors

Durable, compact portable compressors under 750 kg

Compact, service-friendly and powerful, MOBILAIR portable compressors with diesel engine impress not only on account of their high delivery volumes – a multitude of equipment options make these efficient machines into multi-talented compressed air powerhouses.

Robust construction ensures trouble-free operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -10 °C to +45 °C, whilst roto-moulded PE enclosures (optional) provide excellent impact protection and value retention. This makes them ideally equipped to face the tough everyday conditions found on construction sites. All model variants weigh well under 750 kg, making them suitable even for smaller towing vehicles.

They also demonstrate their versatility when it comes to their areas of application. Whether it's for sandblasting, blowing out formwork, or powering impact moles and breakers, these high-performance powerhouses always cut an impressive figure. What's more, when specified with the optional 6.5 kVA generator, they are transformed into portable power plants, capable of providing compressed air and/or electricity as required.

Performance data:

  • Flow rate up to 3.15 m³/min
  • Gauge working pressure up to 14 bar

Your benefits:

  • Cool, clean compressed air
    The compressed air is cooled to 7 °C above ambient temperature. The compressed air cooler is installed at an angle, allowing accumulated condensate to drain away easily, whilst the hot exhaust gases from the engine are used to aid condensate evaporation. This prevents the cooler from freezing up as a result of accumulating condensate. Additional air treatment components can be installed alongside the aftercooler and centrifugal separator, in order to achieve compressed air quality that meets defined quality standards.
  • Durable and resilient
    Versions equipped with the polyethylene enclosure option show their true strength in adverse operating conditions, thanks to their impressive impact resistance.
  • Diverse options
    A multitude of cleverly designed options make these portable compressors even more versatile. Thanks to the availability of options such as compressed air treatment, a hose reel, a hammer compartment, refinery equipment or a closed floor pan, they can be perfectly matched to any application.

No more compressed air devices freezing up

The automatic Anti-Frost Control for portable compressors precisely adjusts operating temperature in relation to ambient. In combination with the optional tool lubricator, this feature prevents air tools from freezing up and therefore significantly extends their service life.


Our compact compressors in detail

Drive variants: Diesel engine and electric motor

Compact units with diesel engines

  • Water-cooled Kubota engines (Emissions Stage V)
  • Quiet operation, low exhaust emissions
  • With electric fuel pump

Compact units with 400 V electric motor MOBILAIR e-power systems truly come into their own in work environments where quiet and emissions-free conditions are required. This allows operators reliably to avoid any restrictions that may apply to the use of combustion engines.

  • Quiet and emissions-free
  • With pole-reversing switch
Rotational moulded PE enclosure
M27 – Portable compressor

The modern double-walled sound enclosure is made of roto-moulded polyethylene.


  • Corrosion-proof
  • Scratch-resistant
  • long-term value retention
PE enclosure in special colours

Alternative colours

The PE enclosure can also be supplied at short notice in the following colours:

  • Blue – similar to RAL 5017
  • Green – similar to RAL 6024
  • Red – similar to RAL 3020
  • Orange – similar to RAL 2009
  • White – similar to RAL 9010

Other colours for the enclosure and custom paintwork for metal components are available upon request.

Technical specifications