Compressed air treatment and condensate technology

Treatment components give no quarter to dirt and corrosion

Water, oil, dust: Kaeser offers a complete product portfolio for combating the enemies of your compressed air application – one which makes no compromises when it comes to dry and pure air – from straightforward construction site use to highly complex electronics production:

  • for high product quality
  • for faultless and low-maintenance processes
  • for regular sewage system disposal of your condensate

Your advantages: High process reliability and optimal cost-efficiency with systems that pay for themselves more quickly thanks to faultless operation over the long-term.

An overview of our compressed air treatment and condensate technology products

Centrifugal separators

KC series centrifugal separator

Remove condensate at the compressor's compressed air discharge point

  • Foundation of faultless and energy-efficient functioning of downstream dryers and filters
  • Matching nominal sizes for practical connection to Kaeser compressors
  • Maintenance-free condensate separation
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Centrifugal separators


Refrigeration dryer

Application-specific protection from additional condensate formation

  • Refrigeration dryers (DTP ≥ +3 °C) – generally recommended for highly efficient basic drying
  • Combination dryers (DTP ≥ +3/-40 °C) and desiccant dryers (DTP ≥ -70 °C) – for straightforward or temperature-dependent frost protection
  • Membrane dryers (DTP ≥ -40 °C) for space-saving operation at end points – without an electrical connection
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Filters and activated carbon adsorbers

Filters and activated carbon adsorbers

Remove contaminants and ensure availability of compressed air in all desired purity classes

  • KAESER FILTERS with threaded connection and filters with flanged connection remove dust, oil aerosols and vapours – for pressures up to 16 bar
  • High-pressure filters compatible with Kaeser boosters – for pressures up to 45 bar
  • Activated carbon adsorbers remove oil vapours and odours. They achieve residual oil content to Class 1 as per ISO 8573-1 (0 – 0.01 mg/m³) – for pressures up to 16 and 48 bar
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Condensate drains

ECO-DRAIN electronic condensate drain

Remove condensate from the compressed air system

  • ECO-DRAIN electronic condensate drain with level regulation and extremely durable valve control – for prevention of compressed air loss
  • Test button and auto-monitoring with floating alarm contact (depending on model) – supports networking with master controller
  • ECO-DRAIN Series 3x with factory-tested service unit – for highly reliable and low-cost maintenance
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Condensate drains

Condensate treatment

Aquamat i.CF 60 oil/water separator

Condensate is turned into wastewater capable of regular sewer disposal directly at its point of origin

  • AQUAMAT oil/water separators for reliable treatment of dispersant condensates – no energy costs, considerably more cost-effective than external disposal
  • Officially tested functioning (DIBt type approval) – for compliance with legal requirements
  • Environmentally friendly
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Condensate treatment