Webinar Series Overview

The Webinar Series with Kaeser Compressors

In partnership with Engineers Australia

In partnership with Engineers Australia

We're excited to announce that we're partnering with Engineers Australia in 2021 to deliver two compressed air webinars.

Each webinar will cover a key compressed air industry topic. 

21 September 2021

Thought Leaders Series: The key to operating a cost effective industrial compressed air station

Kaeser Compressors Webinar hosted by Engineers Australia

Start time: 1.00pm AEST. Join us as subject experts talk about the true cost of operating an industrial compressed air station and air leakage management. 

Compressed air specialists discuss the true costs of owning and operating a compressed air station, and the key cost factors that should be considered in designing and maintaining a system for optimum cost effectiveness. Includes an in depth look into compressed air leakage - one of the largest on-going costs of operating a compressed air system - with real case study examples demonstrating how long term reductions can be made.

5 May 2021

Infrastructure Thought Leaders Series: Identifying and Implementing Compressed Air Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Start time 12.00pm AEST. Learn how to improve the energy efficiency of a compressed air system across processing plants and engineering operations including a case study from Australia’s largest manufacturer of geosynthetic products.

Please note this webinar has already taken place. If you missed it you can watch the webinar here: 

Don't forget to bookmark this webpage! We'll be running a second webinar with Engineers Australia later this year and details will be found on this page very shortly.