We understand your needs

Optimal means precisely tailored for you

Your new compressed air station must be as individual as your requirements as an operator.

Which is why we carefully listen and pay close attention to detail by asking the right questions.

We are also helped by our multi-industry knowledge – so whether you manufacture jewellery or semiconductors, or operate a cement plant, a car factory or a brewery, Kaeser is always familiar with your field of business.

Together, we work closely with you to gather all the necessary production parameters and conditions.
These include:

  • Air quality: Do you require standard blowing air or clean room quality class 0 air according to ISO 8573-1?
  • Existing components: Which compressors and consumers are already installed? Is there a master controller? What is the state of the pipe network? Is heat recovery used?
  • Installation location: What is the state of the supply air, air circulation, and exhaust ducting? What are the space conditions like? What are the room ambient conditions like? What is the state of the electrical supply?