Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

Process Quality

We ensure process quality by means of the statistical analysis of data and the implementation of corrective and preventative measures.

Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

The process category “Measurement, analysis and improvement” contains the corporate processes describing how we inspect product quality, determine the quality of our own in-house processes, continuously improve our methods of measuring customer satisfaction and finally, how we monitor, measure and analyse our energy policy at scheduled time intervals.

Product Quality

We ensure product quality by planning the necessary checks in accordance with predetermined criteria, by inspecting the manufactured parts, sub-assemblies and complete machines as per the inspection instructions and, last but not least, by removing deficient products from production and returning them to the area responsible for the nonconformity.

Measurement of Customer Satisfaction

Finally, the corporate process Measurement of customer satisfaction describes how we review customer concerns and product observations, as well as how we create and evaluate customer surveys.