Core Processes – Product Realisation

Core processes are defined as all end-to-end processes that represent our core competence. These include the corporate processes relating to product development and the fulfilment of different customer requirements, as well as all customer service processes.

Core processes – Product realisation

Product Development

Product development defines the processes to be followed during the development of new products and revisions to existing designs, i.e. how we plan and steer the development of our products, determine and document product demand, gather and evaluate results and compare them with the original design specifications and finally, how we establish whether a product is suitable for its specified intended use.

Sales, Logistics and Product Processing

The corporate processes Sales, Logistics and Product processing describe how we fulfil different customer requirements.

The following points must be considered in order to ensure that we successfully fulfil all customer requirements:

  • Identification of customer needs 
  • Provision of quotations 
  • Check and documentation of incoming orders
  • Deadline tracking
  • Adaptation of products for specific customer requirements
  • Planning and provision of materials as needed
  • Planning and control of the production of components and products 
  • Modification of products
  • Control of supplied products
  • Despatch planning
  • Commissioning, packaging and despatch of the finished product

Customer Service

The corporate process Customer service describes how we provide service to our customers, i.e. the way in which we resolve issues by means of our service technicians, maintenance, our concerns management process, the provision of service contracts, disposal and spare parts processing via our parts catalogue and parts shop.