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COVID-19 Updates

Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne

Update 5 August 2020

Stage 4 restrictions have come into place for metropolitan Melbourne this week, with the Mitchell Shire and regional Victoria moving to stage 3 restrictions from 11:59 pm on Wednesday 5 August. In light of these changes, please find below important information about the measures we have put in place to ensure that we can continue to support your compressed air requirements in the days and weeks ahead. 

Compressed air equipment & spare parts availability
Our warehouse in Melbourne will remain open with a skeleton staff. Our supply chain will also stay the same. Compressed air equipment and spare part orders will be subject to availability. 

For spare parts enquiries phone 1800 640 611 or email us here 
For equipment enquiries phone 1800 640 611 or email us here 

Continued support within Victoria
Our Service Technicians in Victoria will be on standby from 11:59 pm on Wednesday 5 August for emergency service support only. Our existing operating hours and corresponding rates will apply. We will require you to fill in a form to request emergency service support. This form can be requested by emailing us here.  

Our Victorian sales team is not able to travel within stage 4 restrictions, however we are happy to assist you with your enquiry. Please phone 1800 640 611 or email your sales enquiry to us here and we will come back to you. 

In addition, we have a skeleton admin and accounts team working from home who will be available as usual to assist you with such enquiries. 

Business as ‘usual’ outside of Victoria
For our customer’s operating outside of Victoria, our sales and service centres remain open and available to service your requirements as normal. They will continue to receive the same level of support from our Head Office team as usual. 

Please be assured that all Kaeser locations and our field Service Technicians are COVID safe - and our Service Technicians have been well trained to comply.

If you have any questions or require any further information on this matter, then please do not hesitate to contact us by phone - 1800 640 611 - or email us here.

Stage 4 restrictions are currently due to be in place for the next 6 weeks - however please keep an eye on this webpage for our updates which we will continue to post as and when changes occur. 

Continuing to supply an essential utility

Business as 'usual' in the new normal 
Update 8 July 2020

There have been a number of significant changes this week in Australia due to COVID-19. This includes the closure of the VIC-NSW border that came into effect at midnight, and the return to stage 3 restrictions from midnight tonight throughout metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire in Victoria. Both are currently due to be in place for the next 6 weeks. 

As a company we put in place rigorous hygiene measures some months ago in response to COVID-19. This included a number of mitigation measures to protect our employees at our facilities and in the field, as well as putting in place a business continuity plan in case of crisis escalation. You can read more below - see 'Combatting Coronavirus' - update from 7 April. Rest assured, all of these measures remain in place. 

We continue to provide comprehensive compressed air sales and service support Australia-wide. This includes the provision of two new services that were launched in April in response to COVID-19 - Contactless Service and the Compressed Air Assessment 4.0.

For all of your compressed air requirements just phone 1800 640 611 or email us your enquiry and we'll get back to you.

Instant Asset Write-Off

Don't miss out
Update 15 May 2020

Instant Asset Write-Off

The Instant Asset Write-Off threshold was increased earlier this year to $150,000 and access to it has also been expanded to include businesses with aggregated annual turnover of less than $500 million. 

If your business is eligible, you could claim an immediate deduction for the purchase of your next Kaeser compressor.

Contactless Service

Now available
Update 23 April 2020

Contactless Service from KAESER AIR SERVICE

Did you know that for added peace of mind we now also offer Contactless Service? 

With you virtually

Introducing the Compressed Air Assessment 4.0
Update 17 April 2020

The KAESER Compressed Air Assessment 4.0

While you may currently be limiting access to your site - that doesn't mean you have to compromise the efficiency and reliability of your compressed air system. With the KAESER Compressed Air Assessment 4.0 let us conduct a virtual walkthrough of your compressed air system and follow up with findings and recommendations presented to you in conference call.

Combatting Coronavirus

Update 7 April 2020

Peter Eckberg, Kaeser Compressors

KAESER Compressors Australia Pty Ltd takes the health and safety of its employees and customers with the utmost seriousness and has implemented extensive preventive measures effective immediately and also moving forward.

Mitigation measures to protect our employees

At our facilities;

  • We have communicated to all employees rules of conduct to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
  • We are regularly communicating COVID-19 updates to our employees, including Government self-isolation guidance and what they should do if they feel unwell.
  • Additional hand sanitation has been implemented with the provision of antibacterial hand sanitiser.
  • We have provided employees with antibacterial wipes and instructions on additionally wiping down their desktop surface, keyboard / laptop and phone(s).
  • Social distancing measures as per current Government requirements have been enforced. This may change and we continue to refer to the prevailing Government guidelines.
  • We have enforced additional social distancing measures with our Service Technicians.
  • A policy of restricted access at our facilities for visitors and contractors has been implemented.

In the field;

  • Our Service Technicians are now carrying antibacterial hand sanitiser with them and using this before entering and after exiting customer sites.
  • Our Service Technicians continue to wear disposable plastic gloves when they carry out service work and use a new pair at each customer’s site they attend.
  • As an additional precautionary measure when cleaning the compressor after service work is complete, our Service Technicians are using disinfectant spray and paper towels. This includes disinfecting the service doors and compressor control pad.
  • Our Service Technicians are now carrying face masks with them and will wear this if required and requested for a site visit.
  • Our Service Technicians are practicing social distancing and will follow any further measures you have put in place at your site. They will not shake hands with anyone.
  • If a Service Technician feels unwell before a scheduled site visit, they will inform us and we will either arrange for a different Service Technician to attend, or rearrange your visit with you.

Steps that will be taken to provide continuity in case of crisis escalation (positive case detection)

All employees are aware of the Government’s self isolation guidance. We are also constantly updating them with advice from the Government and Health Authorities regarding symptoms and what to do.

If a KAESER employee is displaying the symptoms of Coronavirus, or has come into contact with someone that has tested positive, they have been advised to immediately follow Government and Health Authority guidelines and to notify us. We will inform you as soon as is practically possible if they have been on your site as well as advise you of the outcome of their test results.

KAESER Compressors Australia Pty Ltd remains fully committed to supporting your business through these unprecedented times. If you have any questions or require any further information on this matter, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Peter Eckberg
Managing Director

We’ve got you covered

Update 30 March 2020

From the supply of air compressors and spare parts to comprehensive compressed air service support, KAESER Compressors has been serving compressed air users of all sizes and in all industry sectors Australia-wide since 1990. There is no doubt that we are all currently going through some challenging and unprecedented times, however our commitment to support your business has not changed;

Sales and engineering

Kaeser Compressors sales and engineering

Our sales and engineering teams remain on hand to assist you in not only meeting your existing compressed air requirements, but also in planning your future needs. While face to face meetings may not currently be possible - phone and conference calls both remain options.

On-site service support


As the fourth utility - compressed air is likely a life blood to your business - and having a reliable compressed air system has never been so important! We continue to provide on-site service support from our dedicated team of Service Technicians. Just phone 1800 853 133.

Stock and spare parts

Kaeser Compressors warehouse

Our Australian warehouse is well stocked with compressors and spare parts. We are in constant contact with our supply chain and at time of writing we have no reported delays on orders or stock due to COVID-19.

Air compressor hire

Kaeser Mobilair M500-2 - the portable powerhouse

And, don’t forget - if your production has recently ramped up and you need a short-term supply of additional compressed air - we also hire compressors. Just phone 1800 640 611.