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Kaeser Know How is a blog for the compressed air user in Australia where you can find a wealth of knowledge as well as advice and tip and tricks that could help you plan, design and operate an optimised and efficient compressed air system.

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14 August 2020
Operating a reliable compressed air system throughout stage 4 restrictions

KAESER Know How blog post: Operating a reliable compressed air system throughout Melbourne's Stage 4 business restrictions

Often considered the fourth utility, compressed air will undoubtedly be a life blood of many essential businesses and services that are continuing to work through the current COVID-19 stage 4 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne. Operating a reliable and trouble-free compressed air system will have never been so important. In this blog post we therefore re-share a YouTube video which provides recommendations on daily and weekly preventive maintenance checks to do, which may assist you in continuing to keep your compressed air system running reliably and efficiently.

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August 2020 - The key 3 factors for on-going compressed air equipment reliability and safety

KAESER Know How Blog Post: Reliable and safe compressed air for the mining industry

Two fundamental requirements of compressed air equipment used in the mining sector will be ongoing operational reliability and safety. Selecting high quality equipment to initially meet these requirements is a great start, however it is only part of the story when it comes to continually meeting these requirements. In this blog post we look at 3 key factors that will play a large role in ensuring the on-going reliability and safety of compressed air equipment.

July 2020 - How to develop an energy efficient compressed air system

KAESER Compressors Whitepaper: Compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry part 2

In this blog post we share an extract from the second part of our ‘compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry’ whitepaper series, which describes the key points to observe in the process of renovating an existing or planning a new system, and provides some tips on optimisation.

June 2020 - How preventive maintenance can reduce your costs in the long run

Preventive maintenance with KAESER Compressors

In this blog post we look at what key benefits can be realised by prescribing to preventive compressed air maintenance and how this can assist you in reducing your compressed air costs long term.

May 2020 - How to extend the lifetime of your compressor

KAESER Know How Blog post: How to extend the lifetime of your compressor

With many companies now tightening capital expenditure, in this blog post we look at how overhauling an air compressor can extend its lifetime and will in some circumstances be the best alternative to investing in a new compressor.