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Kaeser Know How is a blog for the compressed air user in Australia where you can find a wealth of knowledge as well as advice and tip and tricks that could help you plan, design and operate an optimised and efficient compressed air system.

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May 2020
How to extend the lifetime of your compressor

KAESER Know How Blog post: How to extend the lifetime of your compressor
The advantages of air compressor overhaul

Compressed air plays a vital role in many work and production processes. In normal circumstances reliability, maximum availability and efficiency are all key attributes that operators demand. And in the current climate operating a compressed air system that delivers on all of these is now more important than ever. But, what if your compressor is old and you have concerns about its reliability or efficiency? Is it time to invest in a new compressor or is there another option? With many companies now tightening capital expenditure, in this blog post we look at how overhauling an air compressor can extend its lifetime and will in some circumstances be the best alternative to investing in a new compressor.

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April 2020 - To hire or not to hire? That is the question!

KAESER Know How blog post: When air compressor hire might be the right solution

In this blog post we look at the benefits of air compressor hire and when this might be the right solution, as well as highlighting new Government initiatives available when investing in capital equipment.

March 2020 - Blower system integration

Kaeser Know How blog post: How to achieve optimum blower aeration efficiency and reliability [whitepaper extract]

In this blog post we share an extract from a recent whitepaper which looks at three key factors which can assist a WWTP in optimising the efficiency and reliability of their blower aeration process.

February 2020 - The advantages of thermal mass refrigeration dryers

Kaeser Know How blog post: The advantages of thermal mass refrigeration dryers

From the hot humid weather of the summer months to the colder weather of the winter months – constant changes in temperature can have a large impact on how efficiently your compressed air refrigeration dryer works. This is of course largely impacted by the technology behind your dryer. In this blog post we therefore look at how the latest advances in compressed air refrigeration technology can assist you in achieving year-round optimal energy efficiency.